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AtlanticWave is a distributed international exchange and peering fabric along the Atlantic coast of North and South America.

AtlanticWave connects the key exchange points on the U.S. East Coast:
• International Exchange Points: MANLAN in NYC and AMPATH in Miami
• MAX gigapop and NGIX-East in Washington, DC
• SoX gigapop in Atlanta

The AtlanticWave partners of the collaboration are:
Southeastern Universities Research Association, Inc. (SURA)

Florida International University (FIU) on behalf of AMPATH (the AmericasPATH project) in Miami

University of Maryland on behalf of the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads GigaPOP (MAX) and NGIX-East, operating in College Park Maryland

Southern Light Rail (SLR), Inc. on behalf of Southern Crossroads (SoX), operating in Atlanta, Georgia

Internet2 (in collaboration with the Internet Education Equal Access Foundation – IEEAF, Indiana University, and NYSERNet), on behalf of Manhattan Landing (MAN LAN), operating in New York City, New York.

Florida LambdaRail (FLR)

The International Educational Equal Access Foundation (IEEAF)