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AtlanticWave has Exchange Points (XPs) located in the following geographical locations:
AMPATH in Miami, Florida
Southern Crossroads (SOX) in Atlanta, Georgia
NGIX-East in Washington, DC
MAN LAN in New York City

Connection to Atlantic Wave is possible in the following two ways:

Networks that would like to connect to AtlanticWave must first be connected to one or more of the four AtlanticWave XPs. If your network is not already connected to one of the AtlanticWave XPs, contact information for each AtlanticWave XP is available by selecting the corresponding link above.

If your network is connected to one or more of the AtlanticWave XPs and you want to use AtlanticWave to peer with another AtlanticWave User at one of the other AtlanticWave XPs, please contact the Manager of the XP to which your network is connected to arrange for such service. You will be asked to complete a “Request for AtlanticWave International Peering Service” form, which you can obtain below.

This request form will ask for key information, including the name of the network with which you would like to peer and which AtlanticWave XP that AtlanticWave User is connected to. After receiving the completed form, the XP Manager will work with the AtlanticWave operations coordinator and the other XP Manager(s) to establish a vLAN the layer-2 connection requested.

Special projects
In addition to the International Peering service for networks described to the left, Atlantic Wave is interested in supporting special projects. Network research projects and experiments are anticipated to be the primary special projects that Atlantic Wave is intended to support.

Special projects share the same infrastructure as the production service. Therefore, special projects must be designed to be non-disruptive and might be refused or discontinued if they conflict with bandwidth needed by the primary peering activities.

Special projects requests should include a brief description of the project, start date, duration, estimated bandwidth, exchange points (XPs) involved, statement of potential for disruption, and networks involved. Users interested in such scheduled, temporary, and special project-based uses of AtlanticWave should send their requests to their XP operator or